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NaNoWarmUp: Recap: Week 1

So, I’ve had a fairly rollercoaster-y writing week. Below, I’ve extracted some entries from my journal.

Day 1
Tue, Oct 1 2013
{7.33 a.m.}
NaNoWarmUp is here! Oh, and hello October!
I am so excited to begin! Coffee and cupcakes for breakfast. LET’S DO THIS!!

{3.40 p.m.}
Have only written 786 words. 14 words until I’m done for the day, but I could probably go on for a lot more. Maybe an episode of The Tudors will excite me.
{A/N: Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Diyana! Sure, it excites you because Jonathan Rhys Meyers is exciting by way of his pecs, and Natalie Dormer is exciting by way of her cool quartz gaze, and they’re both sizzling together no question, but it’s not going to help you WRITE now, is it!}

{11.54 p.m.}
I CRUSHED IT!! I wrote 2,174 words and I’m really liking where this is heading. Aron* is such a devious bastard.
Tomorrow, the desert*!
{A/N: (*) indicates people or places in my WIP}

Day 2
Wed, Oct 2 2013
{10.14 a.m.}
I did two word sprints and got 764 words for the first, and 447 for the second. That puts me well over the target wordcount of 800 (1,211 words).
I can rest now. Woohoo!

{2.40 p.m.}
Mulling over the word vomit borne from those two sprints. Serious revision required. Back to work, then.

{10.25 p.m.}
Well. This wasn’t where I planned to go today at all. I haven’t even talked about the Blackcloaks*! Gah!
Today’s wordcount: 2,369 words.
That might be good if I hadn’t written an 800-word ode to rose tea. Jeebus.
Blackcloaks* tomorrow. Move the story the f--- on!

Day 3
Thu, Oct 3 2013
{10.30 a.m.}
Sh-t, I woke up super late. Probably have missed all the sprints by now.
Feeling worse today. Hope I’m not coming down with something. My brain feels like its wrapped in a fog.
Blackcloaks, blackcloaks*. Right. Begin!

{5.45 p.m.}
Sigh. Today’s just not a good writing day. I’ve only written 399 words down. I think the problem is I don’t really know who the blackcloaks are, or even how a mercenary guild functions. I don’t know the individuals, who my MCs will be dealing with, why they would even trust the word of these mercenaries.
It’s time to ponder. Sometimes it’s good to just step back and think. Don’t be disheartened. When it’s right, it’s right. And always search for that perfect puzzle piece – the snick.
{A/N: Yes, I do always talk to myself this way. Don’t you? :P }

Day 4
Fri, Oct 4 2013
{7.38 a.m.}
I woke up at 6.40 today and I feel refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to go.
Perhaps all I needed was a little compassion from myself. I went really hard and pumped out 4k+ words the first two days, and then I realised pushing myself for the sake of hitting a wordcount was not working for me.
I need to be able to see with relative clarity how the story is unfolding, and who the characters are. If we’re going by the “writing is like driving a car at night” metaphor, I need my floodlights on high beam and know for sure there aren’t any big obstacles in my path, or that the path veers sharply to the left, or worse, comes to a dead end.
I know I’m a control freak and have issues letting go, which is why instead of plotting and outline this WIP to death, I’m trying out Discovery / Exploratory Writing – but I guess in the quest of meeting my ultimate goal for the year (finish a novel), I’m going to have to school my Jerk Brain a little gentler to avoid a dramatic backlash (like, burnout).

{10.10 a.m.}
Did a half-hour sprint and wound up with 687 words. At this point, I really think the morning sprints are helping me. It forces me to just get words out and then I have the entire day to deal with it and shape it to a more ideal version of the story I want to tell.
This means I have to wake up early enough to catch everyone for a sprint.
No more sleeping in Diyana! That’s what you did yesterday, and it was your downfall!
{A/N: I get dramatic with myself...}

Day 5-6

{...radio silence...}

Day 7
Mon, Oct 7 2013
{9.18 a.m.}
Monsoon is definitely here, and she wants you to know it! It’s been raining non-stop through the night – giant lashings of rain and rumbling thunders – and it’s still nearly pitch-black even at 9am. God, Monsoon is so dramatic!
Gloomy start to the morning.

{2.34 p.m.}
I think I have finally cracked the way forward for this scene! Hurrah! Oh dear, I’ve forgotten to eat lunch. Time to remedy that!

{9.08 p.m.}
2,434 words!!!!!
I am BEYOND ecstatic! Not only because this more than makes up for my abysmal word count the past few days, but I’m really REALLY happy with how it turned out!

So, how was your writing week? Smooth sailing or choppy waters?
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The NaNo Journals

So, Day 3 of NaNoWarmUp is officially almost over for me, but I thought I’d start a NaNo journal documenting my experience for the next two months of daily writing commitment.

To the uninitiated, NaNoWarmUp is the brainchild of the fabulous Kat Zhang (author of What’s Left of Me and Once We Were) and the wonderfully inspiring Savannah J Foley. The premise was this: If NaNo is the equivalent of a writing marathon, shouldn’t we train for that 50k stretch? And so NaNoWarmUp was born. The objective: Write 25k words in the month of October.

Because I got overly enthusiastic, I also signed up for NaNoBootcamp, which is hosted by the amazeballs Susan Dennard (author of Something Strange and Deadly, A Darkness Strange and Lovely, and one half of a completely legit Jaeger co-pilot team).

Commitment signed and sealed and tweeted about, I spent the last weekend of September kind of panicking about...whaddaya know...food.

The NaNo Bunker

I don’t know why the thought of writing for two months made me think I was possibly chained to the keyboard and the writing desk, but I felt this crazed urgency of needing to stock up on sustenance.

Not only did I fill my fridge and pantry with the necessities, but I felt this overwhelming need for having comfort foods at hand too. Here are some of the things I cooked:

1) My Black Dragon Cupcakes

What’s that you say? Black Dragon?

Yes, my friends, my cupcakes contain dragons. More specifically, dragonfruit, but nobody needs to know about the fruit part right? Another thing nobody needs to know: That I substituted dragonfruit for beets out of necessity, because here in Borneo, beets aren’t plentiful. In fact, I haven’t seen them. So. Let’s all keep those tiny details our little secret, yes?
{One of these made it into my cupcakes...}

I tweeted this the first morning of NaNoWarmUp. 
NaNoWarmUp Day 1

That first day where I had coffee and cupcake for breakfast, I wrote 2,174 words. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Breakfast is fuel peeps!

2) Durian porridge

The durian is possibly the most polarising fruit that ever existed. Hailed as the King of Fruits, if you’ve never encountered a durian in all its glory (the looks, the taste, the smell), then you probably will not be able to comprehend why people fall into two very distinct camps: Lovers or Haters.

It looks like a deadly weapon: Indeed, it could be the head of a morning star or a flail. See?
Durian flail
{If you just add a stick to that durian, you've got a homemade morning star!}

It smells...well, to me it smells fragrant. Like sugar and custard and that unmistakable durian smell that resembles nothing else in this world.

The Hubs, who is a Hater, claims it smells like cats’ vomit. Other haters report that it smells like road kill or sweaty socks. Gross. It's no wonder The Hubs turns green whenever he's within five miles of the stuff.

His loss.

The taste too is beyond words. Not that people haven’t attempted; the descriptions are often close to hyperbole, but even then falls just under the mark. A selection: milky, custard-like, sweet, tangy, putrid, slimy, bitter, alcoholic, like sugar cream, like crème brulee, like half-solidified whipped cream crossed with a marshmallow.

Durian season sends Lovers into a tizzy, let me tell you. People will stop by the roadside and sit on the curbs, wrestling the thorny fruit to get at its golden treasures. My parents have been known to buy 10 durians at once, stuffing it into the boot, and my aunt boasted that once, she ate no less than sixty durian sections all on her own. Sixty!

Ok, why am I rhapsodising about durian? Forgive me, I digress. So, I went from firmly entrenched Hater to recent Lover. That last Sunday of September, I bought my first ever durian and turned half of it into one of my recent favourite comfort food: the durian porridge.

I keep it in the fridge, in a airtight container and then a ziplocked bag, so none of that (supposedly) offensive odour will permeate the fridge.

Andddd...this post turned into a foodie post and has gone on for...ever. Bah, humbug.

I'll recap days 1-3 in a separate post. I also vaguely remember promising some peeps a glimpse at my Day 1 word vomit work, so I'll post that up too.

Tell me: Do you guys have Bunker Foods?
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Review: Saga, Vol. 1

I am a noob to the comic book world. My first introduction to the world of graphic novels came in the form of Fairest, the spin-off to the wildly popular Fables. It plunged me into a world so brilliant I was left gasping. But that is a story for another day.

Suffice to say, I’ve been a fan of the graphic novel format ever since. I’ve been hunting down comics that could match the brilliance of Fairest – a fantastical story of immense scope and witty repartee, matched with insanely gorgeous art.

Enter SAGA.

Saga header
Fans of graphic novels will probably recognize the names of these industry heavyweights: NYT-bestselling writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways) and critically acclaimed illustrator Fiona Staples. Being a noob, I had no idea who these people were.

But man oh man, I quickly understood how brilliant they were.

Let me tell you a bit about Saga:
It begins with the personal story about a pair of star-crossed lovers, narrated by their daughter. Sounds like your standard Romeo & Juliet fare right?

But imagine this: The star-crossed lovers are soldiers from warring planets in a massive intergalactic war, moth-winged Alana from the techy planet Landfall, and ram-horned Marko, a magic-wielder hailing from its moon, Wreath. Marko was a prisoner of war, Alana his prison guard. The story opens with the birth of their lovechild, and it is hilarious, tender and suspenseful all at once because their desertion has sparked a manhunt.

That kicks off a sprawling space-opera, where they flee from their respective armies and the bounty hunters hired to kill them.

As Alana and Marko search for the legendary Rocketship Forest in a bid to get off the planet altogether, we are plunged into a lush world that is novel, exciting and sometimes, downright bizarre.
Be forewarned, bizarre pics ahead! Also, fair warning, some mature content under the cut.Collapse )

This review is for Saga, Vol. 1, which collects issues #1 - #6. Please note that Saga is intended for mature readers and contains profanities, violence and sex.

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Conversations with the Cast (of my WIP)

NaNo, Day 23:
Hello my darlings! It’s been a while since I saw you—
I’m sorry, what’s that? I’ve been avoiding you?
Wh-what! I haven’t—no way—Never!
How can I? You folks are some of the most brilliant and fascinating people I’ve ever met! Yes, of course I know you’re fictional…but the compliment still stands.
I looked the other way? When? I just saw you last week!
I saw you and flipped to a different screen? Three days ago?
Okay, wait guys, I can explain that. See, I was researching. Sometimes I don’t know what you guys are doing, or what you’re wearing, or holding…it’s a bit hard to observe when most of it goes over your head, you know. Like…I totally just found out those wide hooped skirt things were called panniers! And those Japanese short swords are wakizashi! And the handle of Japanese swords are made of stingray skin and-- 
Okay, fine! I won’t change the subject!
Alright, you folks win. Yes, perhaps I was avoiding you. And yes, there were days when I “researched” (a.k.a. online window-shopped) all day…but it wasn’t because I lost interest in you.
It’s because...it was easier to deal with than trying to figure out how to best represent your actions into words. Heck, anything was easier than trying to keep a simple story thread running.
I chose exercise—Pilates, yoga, that crazy TRX class—over you, even though that involves actual physical pain, because you know what, the thought of being unable to write was more torturous. I just couldn’t handle it.
There were days when I thought my writing skills were broken—unfixable—and all I could think of was how to avoid breaking it to you; how to avoid saying: Hey guys, maybe you should find another writer—a real one—to write your story.

Even writing that sentence out makes my heart splinter. It would be the saddest conversation I’ll ever have in my head—and you guys know just how many internal conversations I have.
Bottom line: I don’t want to have to tell you that—ever.
I want to keep you to myself. Also, I am bad at breakups. 
I understand I am selfish, possessive, maybe even unreasonable. But, in my defence, my brain did birth you.
Let me make it up to you. From now on, I’m going to try and be more committed. Ok, no. I am GOING to be more committed.
I’ll see you guys every day, at the minimum an hour a day, and I won’t look away.
It’s just me and you lot—one hour, every day.
I hope we have parties and exchange juicy gossip and dance till dawn.
More than that, I hope you will tell me your stories and share with me some of your secrets.
But even if you take time to warm up to me, I'll still be here.

One hour, every day.

That is my pledge to you.

Your Storywriter

Falselight: My First Teaser Ever!

Ok...wow. I see I fell off the face of the Earth back there. But fear not LJ (and friends!), I am, in fact, quite alive and well, and I have not abandoned thee!

Chalk it up to procrastination and scatter-mindedness (is that a word?!). 

In fact, to prove that I haven't abandoned you, I'd like to post a teaser...

...My very first teaser ever, yay! 

Ok, I admit...I meant to do this yesterday, in conjunction with Teaser Tuesday-- in fact, if I'm completely honest, I meant to do this...oh...maybe 2 months ago? [See procrastination and my innovented word 'scatter-mindedness'] 

Before I post the teaser though, I should probably give you a bit of an update, and some background / context.

First, I've finally moved on from calling this project WIP (creative, I know) to naming it Falselight. When I'm feeling fancy, I call it 'The Isles of Falselight'. I am BEYOND excited that I've named the project-- it kinda makes me feel all writerly, and I hope it signals a step forward for my project.

Second: Background. So, I posted a brief premise in this post. To build a little bit on that, basically FALSELIGHT (squeee!) is a YA Fantasy set sometime in the future. In that period, we owe a great debt to the scientists, architects and engineers that created the Floating Cities, thus ensuring humanity's survival for the foreseeable future. The founders of the Floating Cities form the Terran Council, an advisory committee that counsels the Allied Empire on politics and governance of the many countries under its rule. As decades and centuries wear on, the Terran Council continues to operate, though they are never seen and proffer their advise remotely. Soon, mystery and myth shroud the actual identity of these individuals. 

The first novel opens with my heroine, Leona, navigating her surroundings. In a world swallowed by the ocean, Leona is at the bottom of the social heap, a refugee rat struggling to stay aboard a floating city. But strange things are happening onboard. The Terran Garrison is multiplying its forces and stationed on the corner of every street. Children are snatched off the streets, trained to serve the Empire. 
But these things don’t concern her. What Leona is terrified of most is the changes happening in her own body – the awakening of a dangerous spirit within her, the power tingling in her veins, and the niggling suspicion that she is being watched. 
But when her best friend Madge is snatched, Leona vows to get her back, even if it means facing the Lord Ruler himself.  In the midst of doing so, Leona stumbles upon a conspiracy so dark, it could destroy the world as they knew it. 

The teaser I'm about to post is the very first time we meet Leona. In the opening chapter, our heroine is (accidentally) broken out of prison. She has never seen the outside world, though she remembers it in dreams. 

To avoid it being the longest ever teaser you've ever encountered, I'll break it down into bite-sized snippets. You can of course argue that my bites seem like dinosaur-sized mouthfuls...but...hey, I tried. Lol!

Onwards!Collapse )

And...there you have it! I truly hope you guys enjoyed that...and wasn't too confused by it. I would really really love and welcome any comments you might have :) 
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To write at 5 a.m. (also, 14-hour famine!)

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been the night owl. At my worst, I’d wake up just hours before the sun was setting and crawl into bed just as dawn lightened the sky. Yeah…that was bad.

Thankfully, these days I’m not half as nocturnal, which makes dragging myself to getting to work a little easier.

This month though, I have to force myself to wake up at 5 every morning because…

Ramadan is here again! (You done snuck up on me, Holy month!)

Some of you might not know what Ramadan is, so here is a brief explanation of what the Holy month entails:

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which lasts 29 or 30 days. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and intimacy with their partners during daylight hours and is intended to teach Muslims about patience, spirituality, humility and submissiveness to God.
- from everyone’s favourite source: Wikipedia

Basically, we are not allowed to eat or drink from sunrise till sunset.

To put that into perspective, here is what a typical day in the Holy month looks like (for me):
Click to find out!Collapse )
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To the Boy Who Lived

 How to bid goodbye to Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Boy Who Made Others Read, the Boy Who Brought Magic Back, My Generation’s Thing?

Two nights ago, as I watched the credits roll, red-eyed and puffy-faced, it hit me; finally, truly slapped me in the face: Harry Potter, the story—nay, the consistent theme threading my childhood— has come to an end.

But how did it even begin?

I was always the girl whose nose was stuck in a book, so meeting Harry was probably inevitable.

I didn’t expect to fall in love with Harry as hard as I did. In those pre-pubescent years, I was carefully cultivating that painfully annoying adolescent snobbery and know-it-all-ness that all parents dread.

… And then there was Harry. I don’t know why I picked the book up—on a superficial front, Harry Potter with its kiddy cover and equally goofy title was anathema to my pre-teen swagger.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(But how adorable is it now? *squeeee*)

I remember cracking open the book, ever-ready for disdain, but boy, did Harry Potter blow me and that pretend-adult away. I was jolted out of that cynical older shell and back into the 11-year-old self that I was, the same age as Harry, and with similar dilemmas. I mean, we were both at the cusp of teenagehood and both entering new schools (although mine was in a new country altogether)—WE WERE PRACTICALLY THE SAME PERSON!

Needless to say, I devoured the wizarding world with the same intense curiosity Harry had, yearned to study and wield magic with a wand that chose me, and most of all, wanted, coveted the adventures Harry, Ron and Hermione had. I would have eaten a mound of Hagrid’s rock cakes just for a glimpse of Hogwarts. I was sold.

I was so sold, I started promoting the book to others—most vehemently to my BFF who avoided any and all books as if it were a contagious disease. I had tried to get her to read books before, but Harry Potter was different. This was all or nothing. She HAD to read it, OR ELSE. I believe my exact words were: IF YOU DON’T READ THIS BOOK FRONT TO BACK, YOU ARE NOT MY BEST FRIEND!

Loyal friend that she was, she finished the book that accompanied the letter, and miraculously, started reading other books on her own! I will always claim partial credit to that, even though deep down I know that it was all Jo’s work—she had managed to weave magic into our lives.

And didn’t we all fall under her spell?

I followed as the HP series sparked a media frenzy, was elated by the news that my generation, the digital generation, were ditching their game consoles, at least for a few hours, to read the books.

Throughout my adolescence, Harry, Ron and Hermione were there every step of the way. I channelled Hermione when I needed a moral compass, and more importantly, when I needed to study (no joke, it was like…method acting, LOL); I looked to Ron for lessons in loyalty, and more broadly, the Weasleys for facing life with a dose of humour; and when I needed a shot of courage, I sought Harry.

But that wasn’t all that the Harry Potter universe gave me. It had one last gift up its’ sleeve: HP fanfiction. (Don't laugh! Yeah, ok, go ahead and laugh :P) I remember at 14, stumbling upon the forums on the WB website, and then the fanfiction pages, and before I could say ‘Merlin’s Beard’, I was frenziedly posting chapter after chapter, and knew with every bone of my body that I wanted to be a writer.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…Harry Potter shaped who I am today. And Jo Rowling shaped a generation. I don’t know if she could possibly imagine how many lives she’s touched, how many writers she’s created in her wake.

I am still not over Harry. These past two days, I’ve been prone to heaving long drawn-out sighs and walking around listlessly. (This Tumblr post is incredibly apt)

And that’s how I realised JK has slipped one last joke on us: a turn of phrase so subtle, so apt, it will only hit you at the close.

The Boy Who Lived.

She’s right—Harry’s never going to die. He lives forever in our hearts, and his story will be told for generations to come. Personally, I can’t wait to introduce Harry to my kids!

So, I guess there’s really nothing more I can say other than:

Image source: http://weheartit.com/entry/11300421
[Image courtesy of: We Heart It]
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Not a Drop to Drink

Some, if not most of you, already know about this awesome campaign hosted by the fabulously amazing Kat Brauer. She teaches, she bakes, she crits, she lives in Japan, AND she’s saving the world a drop of water at a time! (Kat – you are sort of living my dream life!)

Kat's goal was simple -- simple in the sense that it was powerful, yet easily understood. In her words: "I hope to raise $5000 for charity: water through the proven generosity of the online writing community via Crits for Water".

I was pretty much all ready to jump up on that bandwagon and had diligently set aside a portion of my salary for a few months now.

All that meant was that I had to cinch in my belt a little tighter and keep my wallet shut a little more often. But hey, I was saving lives right? And on top of that, I get to request crits!

Even so, the scenario was far removed from my own experiences. In my part of the world, water seems abundant. We get torrential downpours fairly frequently, and once in a while, roads flood. On weekends, I’d head out of the city for my parents’ home in the suburbs, which looks like a rainforest retreat with its lush green foliage and the mini-waterfall complete with a pond full of koi. On a typical day, I’d have half-hour showers and leave half-empty bottles /glasses around the house.

The humidity in the atmosphere is 70 – 90%.

So you can imagine how pampered I am when it comes to water.

Sarah mentioned how she tried imagining what a day without water would feel like.

Guys, I get to experience TWO days without it.

Yesterday, we found out from the newspapers that our water supply would be cut off for two days due to repair and maintenance works. Starting YESTERDAY.

Yeah, that’s right – our water supply was being cut off without ANY forewarning!

Thankfully, we had heard rumours a day prior that this was going to happen, so we had time to fill up two large pails to the brim the night before.

It wasn’t so bad yesterday though. The water supply was being cut off from 8am onwards, so I got up early to shower, make my morning coffee and generally went about my morning ritual as usual. After work, we had dinner out. All in all, a typical day.

This morning though…

Oh, this morning.

It was hard. Harder than I expected it to be.

Every move in my morning ritual was a conscious decision to conserve as much water in our tank as possible. To make matters worse, the Scarlet Lady is visiting me this week. Girls, you know how big a hassle that is.

Everything from brushing teeth to showering to answering nature’s call became a big deal.

How much water do I use? How much is too much?

I love big shower heads that pour big fat droplets of water so that it feels like I’m in a torrential downpour.

This morning though, I had to let my shower dribble pathetically while I almost kissed the wall to catch the droplets on my back. To wash my face, I used a damp cloth so as to save more water.

Perhaps I’m being a little extreme. But today really drove the point home of how precious water actually is.

The more I think about it, the more I realise how much I’ve taken for granted. Much of my water consumption is a luxury; it’s a luxury to be able to shower, or soak in a bath; it’s a luxury to listen to the murmur of a mini-waterfall, to gaze upon a pond full of koi; it’s a luxury to be able to even make a bowl of soup.

It’s a luxury to have all these things when some people don’t even have access to life’s most basic need – clean water.

It is horrifying to think that in some parts of the world, there are people who sacrifice time and effort, walking for miles and risking their lives and wellbeing in the process, just to collect water.

But this isn’t a lost cause. There are things we can do to alleviate this situation. And if you, like me, are as saddened and horrified by this scenario, then please do donate to Kat’s campaign. The campaign closes end of this month, so you have about a week left to change people’s lives!

And even if you aren’t in a position to donate today, do check out Kat’s donation site anyway and browse around the charity : water site. If anything, you’ll be able to see what a difference even a small amount can have in changing people’s lives, and what awesome things we could effect collectively.

So let's do this, guys!

Let's change a village :)

Image taken from charity : water website
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Chasing the White Rabbit: WIP Update

So…I realise I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth these past few weeks – but here I am again, popping up to say Hello World! I’m alive!

I also realise that for a blog that’s meant to document my writing journey, it’s woefully lacking in any mention of what I’m working on.

And the reason for this is…well, to be honest, I’m still wrestling that slippery, disobedient (yet dynamic!) monster that is my WIP. Hence, the subtitle of this blog!

Honestly though, there are days when I feel like I’ve figured out my WIP and it feels solid, as if I could cup that entire world with all its past present and future, in my hands – and yet, there are days when that world crumbles and slip through my fingers like sand, like water.

I’m not going to lie, those days when my chimera of a WIP changes form, all I want to do is hurl everything out the window – laptop, notebooks, my brain…

But I can’t stop thinking about that glittery world, when I had it all almost figured. It’s so pretty! And guys, I’m a sucker for all things glittery and pretty.

So…if I don’t have it all figured out, what do I have?

The answer: three clues. These clues are the only map I have to figure out my WIP. I suppose these merest of hints must have been super-intriguing (to me) because it just latched on to my writing brain and would not let go.

More rambliness under the cut...Collapse )
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Anthem of the Week

  So, apparently I've been living under a rock. I mean, what other explanation could there possibly be for not having heard of Adele before?

Thus, Anthem of the Week. Seriously, guys, I've played this song maybe a million times since I discovered her sometime this week (Tunes play count is a little more conservative and says I've played it 57 times...).

It's a beautiful, heartbreaking song that gave me goosebumps and made me cry every single time I played it...It's the kind of song that makes me think of my all my past loves and hope they're doing well now; the kind of song that made me write a 19-page scene in longhand; the kind of song that should be shared, because its beauty should reach out to as many people as possible.

So I hope you guys will fall in love with it as much as I have.

I couldn't decide which rendition was better, so here's another if you're interested! 

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